How to Seal Your Crown Molding, Trim and Baseboards Like A Pro

Sealing a Kitchen

Choose the right product for your job

For these kinds of projects, Max* Shield Painter’s Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant is an excellent choice, ideal for tough paint projects both indoors and outdoors. This best-in-class paintable sealant offers durable, long-lasting results, backed by Tri-Shield Protection: extreme flexibility, 100% waterproof and mold resistance1.

And, for paint projects that might be exposed to moisture, Paintable Silicone Supreme Window & Door Sealant is 100% weatherproof and has 10-year mold-free product protection1. And, its shrink and crack-proof formula can be paint-ready in just 30 minutes2.


Open the tube and seal

Cut the tip of the nozzle of your cartridge to the desired bead size. Pierce inner seal with seal punch found on most caulk guns. Insert cartridge into caulk gun. Squeeze with even, consistent pressure in order to control the rate the sealant that is dispensed from the cartridge.

You can apply masking tape to either side of a joint to create a straight edge before applying the bead of caulk.


Fill edges and gaps

Apply sealant along the edges and joints of your crown molding, trim or baseboards. Seal molding and trim from top to bottom. Start by laying a bead on the top edge of your molding, then work your way down to avoid smudging your fresh sealant.


Smooth the seal

Use a gloved finger or caulk-smoothing tool to smooth caulk into joint within two to five minutes. If you applied masking tape in the previous step, remove the tape immediately after smoothing the seal.


Clean up

Before the sealant cures, wipe away excess from surface and tools with a dry cloth. Let dry completely, typically within 24 hours, unless your sealant is 30-minute paint-ready (like Paintable Silicone Supreme Window & Door).

If you’re tackling a sealing project, let GE Sealants & Adhesives help you get the job done right. Learn more from our other projects and how to’s for more tips and information.

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